WealthGuard's team built one of the financial industry's leading technology platforms

The financial collapse of 2008 took most of us by surprise. Banks teetered on the brink of insolvency. Countries defaulted on their debt. Auto manufacturers were almost out of business. As insiders in the financial industry, our founders received dozens of panicked phone calls. Everyone wondered what to do.


As these conversations played out over and over, a theme emerged. While some people had a financial plan, no one had a plan for stormy financial conditions. Worse than that, no one had a way to know if the financial storm was going to pass them by or be a direct hit.


So we set out to do something about that. We developed WealthGuard as an early warning system to let people know if it was time to sit tight or take action. With the expertise of your advisor, we set targets based on your tolerance for risk. We call this your WealthGuard number.


WealthGuard monitors your money day and night. If the market goes up, so does your WealthGuard number to protect your gains. If you make deposits or withdrawals your WealthGuard number adjusts. If any account hits your WealthGuard number, alerts go to you and your advisor. You can feel confident you’re in control.

John Prendergast
Blueleaf and Wealthguard

“Built on one of the financial industry’s leading technology platforms”


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John Prendergast

Founder / CEO

John is an experienced senior executive who’s led product management, marketing, and finance teams. His background in banking and personal financial planning has shaped the vision for Blueleaf and WealthGuard.

Justin Shephard

Customer Success

Justin has a unique background in financial services with experience as a financial advisor and working with sell side asset management firms. Before coming to Blueleaf, Justin worked with a data provider helping advisors and asset management firms aggregate account information.

Avram Dorfman

Lead Engineer

Avram is an experienced engineer who began his career as an Air Force officer. He served as Chief of Operations for the Pentagon Internet and built many of their tools. He also spent 4 years as a network engineer and tools developer at Bloomberg, and holds a Masters in Computer Science from Tufts.

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