An Early Warning System for Your Investments

Because you've worked too hard to be surprised by your money. Ask Your Advisor About WealthGuard

Gain Clarity

Get a single point of reference for protecting your entire net worth, the WealthGuard number. This simple reference means you always know where you stand.


Take Control

WealthGuard allows you and your advisor to set your exposure to market conditions and automatically trigger processes to adjust to the market.


Increase Confidence

It’s easier to sleep at night knowing WealthGuard is automatically monitoring all your assets to help you lock in your gains and limit losses.

Guarding your wealth has never been easier.

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Some of the investment companies we work with 

Quick stats on WealthGuard

Assets Monitored

Investors WealthGuarded

Alerts sent

Do you have time to monitor your investments?

WealthGuard monitors your investments automatically.

24/7 all year round. We don’t take days off.

WealthGuard features

Performance reporting

Text and email alerts

Automated updates

Account and household level tracking

Family sharing

Simple financial dashboard

Who are WealthGuard Advisors

Advisors who offer WealthGuard are committed to complete transparency. They invest in WealthGuard to give you that additional peace of mind.

Jason Wenk

“My clients deserve access to every tool that can help them be more confident about their financial future. WealthGuard is a vital part of our transparency system.”

Ryan Wheless

“Your WealthGuard number is key to your retirement planning strategy. Having WealthGuard to monitor and notify is a backstop that every investor should have.”

Jeff Rose

“WealthGuard allows me to work with clients to set market exposure and automatically alerts our team to adjust to the market. WealthGuard let me go beyond industry standards to give our clients additional control.”

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